Celebrating 7 Advances to Close Out 2017

As the year comes to a close, we're happy to share with you several recent advances we've made in the name of environmental protection in Latin America. Each project we launch or case we win is a step toward a more just region, and a healthier planet for our children. Because of your support, we:

1. Saved Colombia’s Largest Coastal Wetland

We successfully petitioned Colombia to list the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta among the world's most at-risk wetlands, opening up the resources needed for its recovery.  

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2. Launched the Bolivian Environmental Justice Network

We founded a coalition of environmental and human rights organizations in Bolivia to support citizens’ efforts to defend the environment and those who depend on its health. 

3. Campaigned to Protect Patagonia from Salmon Farms

We petitioned Chile to investigate damage being done by salmon farm operations in Southern Patagonia, and launched a citizens’ campaign to raise awareness of the growing threat. 

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4. Secured Healthcare for Victims of Toxic Pollution

We secured specialized medical care for residents of La Oroya, Peru, whose lives and health have long been affected by a heavy-polluting metal smelter that operates beside their homes.

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5. Protected Sea Turtles on the High Seas

We represented Latin American citizens and organizations in the development of a United Nations treaty to protect the shared parts of our ocean and the rich life within.

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6. Stimulated Divestment from Mining in a Protected Wetland

We convinced the World Bank to withdraw support from a gold mine in the Santurbán páramo, a protected ecosystem and water source for millions of Colombians. 

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7. Advised Rural Town in the Lead-Up to a Mining Ban

We provided legal advice and scientific analysis to the people of Cajamarca, Colombia, who then voted by a margin of 98% to ban all mining activities from their territory. 

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