DIVEST from mining in the Santurbán Páramo

The Santurbán páramo | Credit: Alberto Peña Kay.

Petition to the International Finance Corporation: DIVEST from mining in the Santurbán Páramo

Páramos are unique wetlands high atop the Andes Mountains. They are the fertile lands where rivers are born. Plants there trap water from the clouds, hold it in the earth, and distribute it through rivers and streams to lands below. 

In Colombia, the Santurbán páramo provides clean water for nearly two million people living in the departments of Santander and North Santander. 

A Canadian company, Eco Oro Minerals, intends to develop a gold mine there, which would cause permanent damage to the sensitive páramo ecosystem. 

Yet the fight to defend Colombia’s páramos is strong. 

Tens of thousands of people have marched throughout Colombia to defend them. 

And in a progressive victory, Colombia’s highest court officially declared unconstitutional all oil, gas, and mining operations within páramos.  

But Eco Oro insists on building the Angostura Mine in Santurbán. 

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private-sector branch of the World Bank, has invested in the project. 

It did so in spite of the World Bank’s commitment to  sustainability and responsible use of resources. This project would, instead, damage a vital ecosystem and poison a common resource. 

The IFC’s investment in Angostura disregards its own operating standards, and ignores the impacts the project would have on the environment and people of Colombia. 

The IFC must withdraw its investment immediately!

The health and future of one of Colombia’s most important water sources is in their hands. 

TELL THE IFC to divest from the Angostura mining project! 

HELP US to protect Santurbán and, with it, all of Colombia’s páramos! 

Sign the Petition!


Co-Sponsored by the Committee for the Protection of the Water and Páramo of Santurbán, an citizen's organization of water protectors based in Bucaramanga dedicated to protecting Santurbán from mining.

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