Workshops on human rights and environment

Past Projects
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Project Photo
Photo: Panama City workshop participants, May 2009.

AIDA believes that one of the most effective ways to protect human rights and the environment in the Americas is to strengthen the legal community's expertise in these areas of law. For this reason, we periodically offer training workshops to legal advocates throughout the hemisphere.

Our workshops emphasize the inseparable link between human rights and the environment, reinforce participants’ understanding of the Inter-American System of Human Rights, and promote discussion on protecting human rights and the environment. Workshops include presentations by experts, case studies, and participatory discussions.

In the expert presentations, speakers delve into both the advantages and challenges of addressing environmental problems from a human rights perspective. Taking into account these criteria, we discuss the importance of seeking national legal remedies and collaborating with like-minded groups to gain additional expertise and resources when needed.

We also review what kind of strategies are required for the Inter-American System of Human Rights to serve as a viable alternative for the effective protection of human rights threatened or violated by environmental degradation.

Following the expert presentations, participants engage in discussion and strategy sessions regarding concrete cases pertaining to environmental degradation. In these sessions, participants raise questions about current issues, formulate new ideas, and identify effective legal and political strategies at the national, regional and international level.

Based on our experience, we are convinced that the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences that occurs during these workshops enables legal advocates to more effectively protect human rights and the environment in this hemisphere.

Past workshops:

Panama City, Panama (May 2009).

Buenos Aires, Argentina (December 2005).

Lima, Peru (May 2004).

Mexico City, Mexico (April 2004).


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