AIDA filed an amicus brief demonstrating the international environmental and human rights obligations the Mexican government violated by authorizing the controversial hydroelectric project. It was written in support of a lawsuit filed by the Wixárika people of Nayarit, Mexico, whose land and sacred...Read more
Construction of the Belo Monte dam in the Brazilian Amazon.

Construction of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu river, one of the tributaries of the Amazon, August 2013. | Credit: Programa de Aceleración del Crecimiento (PAC).

In an apparent turnaround, the Brazilian government has signaled an end to the construction of large dams in the Amazon. If materialized, it will be a step worthy of imitation. Then the region, and the world, can move towards truly sustainable energy generation that respects the environment and...

In December 2012, Chief Raoni denounced the threats Belo Monte posted to human rights before the European Parlament. | Credit: greensefa

For AIDA attorney Liliana Ávila, the hope of getting reparations for the people affected by the Belo Monte Dam has been growing over the years, and it's more alive now than ever.
Flooding in Houston after hurricane Harvey

Flooding in Houston after hurricane Harvey. | Credit: J. Daniel Escareño / Flickr.

The Addicks and Barker dams were built near Houston, Texas in an attempt to save the city from potential flooding. But the huge storage capacity of the reservoirs was not enough to contain the more than 15 billion gallons of water that Hurricane Harvey brought to the state in less than a week...
Altamira in Brazil

Altamira, the city closest to the dam. | Credit: Marcella Ribeiro / AIDA.

In addition to generalized violence, the other big worry in Altamira is basic sanitation. Despite this discouraging panorama people in Altamira still have hope that it will one day be a quiet and beautiful city again.
In a letter sent to the Argentine Congress, civil society organizations expressed their concerns about the construction of large dams in Patagonia. The letter outlines recent scientific studies on the impacts of large dams on the environment, the economy, and local communities, and includes...Read more
The Itaipu Dam on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay.

The Itaipu Dam, a huge hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River between Brazil and Paraguay. | Credit: Mihai / Flickr.

During its last board meeting, the Green Climate Fund—charged with financing developing nations’ fight against climate change—approved two projects related to large dams. That means $136 million will finance large-scale hydropower, contradicting the Fund’s goal of stimulating a low-emission and...
Last week a federal court in Brazil suspended the operating license of the Belo Monte Dam. Prosecutors said the dam's operating company, Norte Energía, failed to complete basic sanitation works in the city of Altamira, which has been directly affected by the hydroelectric project.Read more
Dam in the Kaunertal Valley, Austria.

Dam in the Kaunertal Valley, Austria. 

At the end of 2016, researchers from Washington State University (WSU) concluded that reservoirs around the world, not just those in tropical areas, generate 1.3 percent of the total greenhouse gases produced by mankind. Dams, they found, are an “underestimated” source of contaminating emissions,...
We write to express our concern regarding the use of GCF resources to support large hydropower in general, and in particular the following proposals in the GCF pipeline: Qairokkum Hydropower Rehabilitation, Tajikistan Upper Trishuli-1, Nepal Tina River Hydro Project, Solomon Islands Large...Read more