International Environmental Law

In response to a consultation made by Colombia, the Court recognized the right to a healthy environment as fundamental to human existence. They also recognized the impact of climate change on human rights. At AIDA we celebrate this decision, which strengthens the obligations of States to protect...Read more
Without US participation, other countries must urgently limit greenhouse gas emissions.Read more
I represented AIDA in our very first intervention before the most important international human rights body in the Americas. We had been invited by the Court to comment on the consultative opinion raised by Colombian government on the link between environmental degradation and human rights; an...
The organizations decry the affront to human rights in the region and urges members of the Organization of American States to fulfill their responsibility to adequately fund the Commission.Read more
AIDA celebrates the first step toward the construction of a new planet.Read more
"Throughout the last decade, there has been a great expansion of large-scale economic projects in the Americas, including hydroelectric, extractive, agro-industrial, and logging projects and wind farms. These projects have led to social conflicts related to the defence of territories and natural...Read more

Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights

Human rights in the Americas are at risk from a growing variety of threats, as development increases rapidly and more transnational companies move in with their eye on the region's rich resources. The Inter-American System is the human rights protection system of the Organization of American States charged with the promotion and protection of human rights in the American hemisphere. The System is made up of two principal and autonomous organs: the Commission and the Court.

While the Court hears and rules on specific cases brought before it...

An aerial view of the mangrove ecosystem in Panama Bay, Panama.

Panama Bay, a primitive mangrove ecosystem essential to the fishing industry in Panama and the fight against climate change, had its protected status restored by the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of Panama. The court based its ...

On the occasion of World Wetlands Day, the President of Panama will approve a national law that bestows protected-area status on Panama Bay Wetland Wildlife Refuge.Read more

In the Gulf of Mexico, 27 coral reefs form a submarine mountain range that runs between six islands in an area stretching for miles. Hundreds of colorful fish species, sea urchins, starfish, and sea grasses share the reef with an abundance of other life forms. This...