Mining and Petroleum

Heavily promoted by the United States, the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons through fracking has sought to expand into nations throughout the Americas. It has done so despite the fact that none of those governments have comprehensive knowledge of its risks, the serious and irreversible...Read more
Organizations argue that the International Finance Corporation invested in a gold mine without taking into account potential environmental impacts, thereby failing to comply with its own investment standards.Read more
Fact Sheets
1. Don Diego is a proposed marine mining project in Mexico. Marine mining is a process used to extract metals or minerals from the seabed. The Don Diego proposal calls for dredging seven million tons of phosphate sand from the seabed 19 kilometers off the coast of Baja California Sur. [1] Leftover...Read more
This report analyzes the viability of using the precautionary principle to prevent, avoid or stop fracking operations in Latin America. These measures can result in prohibitions or moratoriums, as has occurred in various states, provinces and cities across America and Europe. Fracking is a...Read more
Watch Out! The Mining Industry Wants to Dump its Waste in the Ocean

The ocean floor. Credit: Vovan UK/Creative Commons.

By Florencia Ortúzar, AIDA attorney, and Karol Rodríguez, AIDA intern Mining gives rise to a serious problem: toxic waste . Tailings from ore extraction have been known to damage the environment and communities living near dump sites. Responsible management, then, is critical if we desire economic...
France’s Fracking Ban: Lessons for Latin America

Paris, France. Credit: Moyan Brenn/Creative Commons.

By Eugenia D’Angelo, former AIDA intern, @DangeloEugenia Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking—the process of drilling into rock and injecting a mixture of water, chemicals, and sand under high pressure to fracture it and release oil and gas—is making headway around the world, causing increasing damage...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 3, 2014 Press contacts: Movimiento Ríos Vivos, Astrid Puentes Riaño, AIDA (Mexico City), +521 (55) 2301-6639, María José Veramendi, AIDA (Washington), +1 (202) 468-7535, Rafael...Read more

Fracking spreads to Latin America

Fracking wells in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

Fracking wells in the province of Neuquen, Argentina. Credit: Emiliano Ortiz/Creative Commons.

AIDA’s report on fracking (available in Spanish) analyzes the viability of applying the precautionary principle as an institutional tool to prevent,...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2014 Press contacts: Miguel Ramos Jaimes, Committee in Defense of the Water and Páramo of Santurbán (Bucaramanga), +57 3118806350, Carlos Lozano Acosta, AIDA (Bogota), +57 300 56 40 282, Carla García...Read more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 01, 2014 Press contacts: María José Veramendi Villa, Senior Attorney, AIDA, +51 954114393, Jorge Abrego, Attorney, APRODEH, +511 424-7057, People harmed by environmental contamination in La Oroya have been waiting for...Read more