Colombia’s environmental heritage includes six Wetlands of International Importance listed under the Ramsar Convention, a treaty that protects these environments. Their listing indicates their value not only for Colombia, but also for humanity.
Report from the Ramsar Conference

Ramsar COP12 drew to a close, after adopting 16 resolutions by consensus, including the Declaration of Punta del Este. Credit: Ramsar.

It’s a worrying and undeniable fact: 76 percent of the world’s wetlands have been destroyed in the last 40 years. In Latin America, these sensitive ecosystems suffer degradation from extractive industries, tourist activities, real estate projects, and other human causes....

Closing Statement by NGOs at Ramsar COP12

Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve in Ecuador. Credit: Carolina Castro Varela/Creative Commons.

Presented by Rafaela Nicola, World Wetland Network Committee’s Neo-Tropics delegate We would like to thank the Secretary General and the Parties for this opportunity to address the meeting, to share our message that NGOS are committed to Ramsar and we want to do more. We also wish to thank the...
AIDA Calls for the Effective Protection of Wetlands in the Americas

Mangroves in Monterrico, Guatemala. Credit: Corinnekut.

AIDA calls on Latin American nations that have signed the Ramsar Convention to protect and promote the wise use of coral reefs, mangroves and high Andean wetlands in their territories.
the green and blue grasslands of North Dakota

Wetlands and grasslands of North Dakota. | Credit: Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation.

Representing civil society at the Ramsar Conference, the World Wetland Network offered recommendations to strengthen the convention, including the increased collaboration between governments and Contracting Parties.
The Montreaux Record: Saving Essential Wetlands

The Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary in Chile. Credit: Julio Martinich.

Contamination, deforestation and accelerating urban growth pose serious threats to the health of the world’s wetlands. No tool aimed at protecting these valuable ecosystems should be wasted. The Ramsar Convention , an intergovernmental treaty, promotes national action and international cooperation...
A view of green vegetation floating in a marsh ecosystem.

Credit: SXC.

In regions across the Americas, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Baja California and other parts of Mexico are experiencing water shortages. Washington, Oregon and California are confronting the worst drought in history. The United Nations Food and...