Threatened Ecosystems

Pelicans in Los Roques Archipelago, Caribbean Sea

Pelicans in Los Roques Archipelago, Caribbean Sea. | Credit: Márcio Cabral de Moura/Creative Commons.

The Greater Caribbean and the people that depend on it are at risk, primarily from large infrastructure projects, including the construction of Nicaragua’s interoceanic canal, which began in 2014.

Ocean. Credit: Joel Hatfield/Flickr/Creative Commons.

As I look forward to another 10 years, my dream remains the same as it ever was: working to protect these great creatures and the waters they call home; giving them a voice; and advocating for the preservation of our region’s greatest natural treasures.
The office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman found that the International Finance Corporation cannot guarantee that the Angostura mine will not have impacts on the environment.Read more
Colombia’s environmental heritage includes six Wetlands of International Importance listed under the Ramsar Convention, a treaty that protects these environments. Their listing indicates their value not only for Colombia, but also for humanity.
AIDA celebrates SEMARNAT’s decision to deny the environmental authorization of a marine phosphate mine proposed for Ulloa Bay, Baja California Sur.Read more
Fact Sheets
1. Don Diego is a proposed marine mining project in Mexico. Marine mining is a process used to extract metals or minerals from the seabed. The Don Diego proposal calls for dredging seven million tons of phosphate sand from the seabed 19 kilometers off the coast of Baja California Sur. [1] Leftover...Read more
High seas

High seas are those international waters that belong to no country. Credit: aphotoshooter/Flickr/Creative Commons.

What happens in the high seas motivates the 33 NGOS and 193 delegations of the United Nations currently meeting in New York. They’re working to create a legally binding agreement that conserves marine life in areas beyond any national jurisdiction.
Our oceans are collapsing in every sense of the word. In the last hundred years, we have overfished and polluted most every treasured and productive marine and coastal ecosystem in reach. Climate change is now causing its own grave set of marine problems. Yet there is hope: success stories that...Read more
The Canadian company’s Angostura mining project in the high-altitude wetlands, or páramo, of Santurbán, has announced that it could file an international arbitration suit against Colombia over measures to protect the páramo, which are important sources of water in the country.Read more
Douglas Tompkins

Tompkins, the ecological visionary. Credit: Sam Beebe/Creative Commons.

On December 8th, one of the last pristine places on the planet, Patagonia, lost one of its greatest protectors, Douglas Tompkins. At 72 years old, the conservationist and multimillionaire lost his life in a kayaking accident.