AIDA: Environmental Advocates for Latin America

In Latin America, an environmental defender is murdered every ten days. Brave activists give their lives fighting economic development that pushes thousands of people off ancestral lands, destroys rain forests, pollutes rivers, and kills coral reefs.

We believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment. Our Latin American attorneys, who live and work throughout the region, are experts in international law. We provide free legal support to communities, nonprofit organizations, and governments. We’re looking to respond to a growing number of requests for help, create a regional strategy for protecting environmental defenders, and expand support from individual donors.

Because we value health, community, and nature,

Because future generations depend on what we leave them,

Because we won’t stand by while the earth is sacrificed for short-term gain,

We fight for justice.


When a dam threatens to destroy indigenous communities,

We take legal action.

When developers plan to bury a pristine reef with sediment,

We stop them.

When a mining company wants to destroy the water supply of millions of people,

We protect it.

When government leaders struggle to find solutions to climate change,

We counsel them.

When community advocates and organizations need training and support,

We coach them.


We enforce the law.

We honor international treaties.

We hold governments accountable.

We protect the right to a healthy environment.

 “When the violation of the rights of Amazonian peoples in Brazil receives no response nationally, these communities find in AIDA a voice in the Americas.” 

- Felicio Pontes, Attorney, Federal Public Ministry, Brazil

AIDA is uniquely qualified

  • Our attorneys understand the legal and political context: they are both from and live in Latin America.
  • AIDA is a regional organization that enforces and strengthens international law, with offices from the United States to Chile.
  • We provide free legal expertise that bridges the gaps between communities, local movements, national organizations, and governments.
  • Our team has 20 years of experience in wielding the power of international law to win conservation gains for the region.


“We in La Oroya are grateful for AIDA’s work in supporting, defending and being on our side all these years in the fight for our rights.” 

- Señora Rosa Amaro, Community Member, La Oroya, Peru

AIDA's mission

Our mission is to strengthen people's ability to guarantee their individual and collective right to a healthy environment, through the development, implementation, and effective enforcement of national and international law.